What Babri Masjid Says on December, 6?

Listen to me, Oh the people of the world!,

Razed to the ground, but I shall remain;

In the living memories of all the humans,

Who have some conscience, and are sane.

My physical form may have disappeared,

But my history has broadened my domain;

I have occupied a place, none can forget,

My shameless foes have nothing to gain.

My agony will shake heavens and earth,

Wait for the time, you will realize my pain;

Those who are happy with their misdeeds,

Will soon find me as a dangerous terrain.

Law and justice will weep over their fate,

When my long story will strike their brain;

Like a ghost, I will chase my tormentors,

Through every house, road, street and lane.

Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.

LucknowLucknow, India

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