Housewives are being degraded while prostitutes are being glorified: Dr Javed Jamil

Renowned scholar and thinker, Dr Javed Jamil has called for exposing the designs of the market sponsored feminism tocampaign for a distorted version of women’s empowerment. He was speaking at Kennedy Hall, Aligarh Muslim University in a programme on the occasion of World Women’s Day organized by Students of AMU. Speaking to a packed hall, he said that “thanks to the global forces of economics, human beings are being transformed into commercial beings”. He said that the economic fundamentalists have taken innumerable steps to strengthen their hold on the world. “Not only the Goddess of Justice has been sacrificed before the eyes of theStatue of Liberty, the market forces have found in sex a hen that always lays golden eggs”, he said in the midst of a massive round of applause. Dr. Jamil said that if violence against womenis on the rise, laxity of law and inability of the system to act as health and peace protective are primarily responsible for it. “Instead of being protective, the system has become provocative”, he argued. He says that when media is busy in bringing provocative images day and night, sexual violence is bound to rise. He lambasted the forces of economics in a way that “the women working in houses are being labeled as housewives while prostitutes are being glorified as sex workers.” He argued that the truth is that “every woman is a working woman, and housewives are wonderful managers.” He argued that while women should be encouraged to go in dignified fields, there is no reason why there should be encouragement for services like airhostesses and models. Dr. Jamil said that the beauty of Islamic system is that “while all the other systems of today’s world are two-dimensional, with only rights and duties, Islamic system is three-dimensional with equal emphasis on Fundamental rights, Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Prohibitions. He said that if true peace is to prevail, a nationwide campaign with the help of the people belonging to all religions must be launched to get “Fundamental Prohibitions” introduced in the Constitution. He said that these prohibitions can be decided on the basis of the impact of various practices on health and those that seriously threaten health must be declared forbidden. No one should be allowed to commercialize these prohibitions. He hoped that 99 pc of the people of the country –Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists, will unite to safeguard the life of the people

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