Unity of Ummah- An obligation, a reward

The need and importance of integration of ummah is an established reality. Muslims living in any part of the world, belonging to any race or speaking any language are bonded by fraternity of iman. This is not a self made relationship but God gifted one. Allah proclaims: the believers are nothing else than brothers (in Islam) (Surah Al-Hujuraat) same is expressed by holy Prophet (SAW) A believer is brother to a believer and further explained it  A Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue all Muslims are safe.  This is relationship of faith amongst Muslims is superior and stronger than other relationships. Though shariah rightly recognizes and respects family and other human relations too and gives them their due rights e.g. rights of neighbor (whether Muslim or non- Muslim) are well described. Good behavior, sympathy and benevolence to general mankind are appreciated. But the fact remains that these can never supersede fraternity of iman (faith). Ending of relationship of faith hampers other relations too viz. if husband or wife becomes apostate it terminates their conjugal bond. Non-Muslim parents deserve good treatment from their Muslim son during their life time; but he is not allowed to pray for them (seeking their forgiveness) after their demise. However it is obligatory for a Muslim to pray for the forgiveness of a stranger Muslim. Protecting Muslims is also obligatory on other Muslims. If Muslims are oppressed at some place it is the duty of nearby Muslims to come forward to support and help them. If they fail than the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Muslims living next. This ultimately covers the whole world.

Unity of ummah is the biggest stumbling block in the way of satanic forces. This is the reason why pharaoh of each era tries their level best to disintegrate ummah.

Today the top priority of Western imperialism is to divide Muslims into different race, colour, language and region. Ummah is under attack for the last two centuries. These elements are well aware that a united ummah is an undefeatable force to reckon with. Even after winning the first world they did not tolerate the existence of fragile Ottoman caliphate. They didn’t stop there and continued with their designs to disintegrate ummah. The process is still going on, rather it has gained pace. During firs world war U.K. had declared that Turkey is at war with us and thus an enemy, but we have nothing to do with the caliphate and its position. Today the situation is that leave revival of Khilafah even its concept has been antiquated.

Though the biggest hurdle in the unity of ummah is imperialism, it doesn’t imply that we have no shortcomings or weaknesses rather it is more appropriate to say that our internal weakness are not allowing us to unite. Those aspiring for the unity of ummah must study all aspects seriously. A major goal is not achieved through wishful thinking. Superficial efforts cannot remover major defects.

Looking at public level it is found that the attachment of Muslim masses with Islam is just a tradition. They hardly find it necessary to know and understand the religion they believe in. They believe in the oneness of God but are not aware of its demands. Their condition is depicted by the couplet:

Wohi tauheed jo ek zinda haqeeqat thi kabhi

Aaj kya hai faqat ek mas’ala-e-ilm-e-kalam

Tauheed ; once a living reality; today is just a topic of argument.

They admit of obeying Allah but with the addendums of submission to the sovereignty of non-Allah. They believe in the life after death but are drowned in the lust for the mundane world. Values and standards of materialists have become the corner stone of Muslim society and economy. As if they are sailing in two boats. They are sailing in a direction just opposite to the Book they possess and are not realizing how dangerous the end is going to be. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for the honour and dignity of the holy Prophet (SAW) but are following excellent example (Uswa-e-hasanah) just in the matters of worship and a few social symbols. They are not realizing that the enemy is tightening the noose of imitation and alien culture around their neck. So in spite of their dream of uniting ummah they don’t hesitate to take the venom which is bound to finish their very community existence. Many of them don’t know the fact that if they are not aware of their divine status there is no other way to success and accomplishment. Thus by comparing Ummah on others scales and standards it can neither understand self nor God. Problems and issues can also not become point of unity.  But the status on which it is appointed and the title of Khair-e-Ummat which is awarded and the duty assigned if performed will attract Allah’s help. And holding fast Allah’s rope can prevent its disintegration.

Though no single group can blamed for present state of affairs but this fact should always be borne in mind that the responsibility of reforms lies with the people who are at the helm of the affairs. Generally it is believed that jurisprudential and interpretational differences are responsible for the sectarianism in the ummah but after deep thinking and analysis it is found that as such these differences are not responsible for the disintegration and division; rather deviation from moderateness, extremism, ignorance of pretenders of  knowledge,  fight for pride and interests is making it fatal. When cult dominates religion and sectarian prejudices takes over; differences become fatal. The differences which are already accommodated in the religion; to do away with them is neither essential nor beneficial. Many a times they are outcome of pure knowledge and honesty and also a human necessity. If at Masjid-e-Haram people of different sects can jointly perform Haj then why people in a country cannot live with harmony.

It is indeed sad that Muslims believing in one God, one Book and one Prophet are fighting with each other. Certainly there are some causes and reasons for the same which must be ascertained and obviated. But this cannot happen suddenly. It will demand contemplation, consciousness, patience, steadfastness, time and money with due consideration to sequence and priority. Today the elements prevalent in the Muslim society and governments are least bothered about Muslim community and Islam. They have their own personal interests and goals for which they can go to any extent. Verbally they are with Muslims but during trials they are found in the camp of false-hood. These are the elements being used to create disunity amongst Muslims. Imperialists call them moderates and impose them as leaders on the whole community, so that their services are obtained as and when needed. There are influential people in the Muslim community who are exalted and projected though they lack piety and potential. They are like feudal lords who crop up on the fall of a central authority. They are unable to see beyond their ‘caliber’. They cannot become integral part of a larger community; rather they are afraid of it. Such are the several reasons responsible for disunity amongst Muslims. But remember we ought to overcome these obstacles through effective measures and taking tough decisions with courage. Provided Allah wills so.

There are not only obstacles in the path of Muslims’ unity but there are some silver linings too. Other communities lack such opportunities. There is a principled accord in the matters of belief and injunctions. Muslim masses sincerely love Islam from the bottom of their hearts. They are affectionately bonded together all over the globe in spite of differences in colour, race and language. They also help and cooperate amongst themselves just for the sake of Allah’s pleasure without expecting any reward in this world. No other community in the world can do this. Muslims are second in the world’s population and are occupying central lands of social and political importance. This presents bright prospects for the onward march of Islam and revival of the ummah. For uniting ummah ; all aspects positive or negative cannot be covered here in details due to brevity. Precisely speaking to attain a noble goal, to perform an important duty and to seek divine reward; calls for a long and enduring struggle. Uniting ummah is an obligation. Bonding of Muslims is a reward possible only through Allah’s blessings.

And remember Allah’s Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became brethren (in Islamic Faith), and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. (Quran)

Uniting Muslims is an obligation. Ummah is a grand organization and it works when there is a system of listening and obeying. This is obligatory part of religion. Muslims cannot afford to be ignorant of this fact.

And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Qur’an), and be not divided among yourselves. (Quran)

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